The Burning Covenant delivers a vivid depiction of struggle in a future North America, where the social fabric has frayed after decades of climate change. Journey with characters from different walks of life—mercenaries, ministers, soldiers, aristocrats, and the downtrodden—as they confront separation, conspiracy, and upheaval.

Book 1 in the Embers Saga, The Burning Covenant is a complete overhaul of the earlier title, “Fire, Ruin, and Fury,” which is now out of print.

In this work of speculative fiction, the earth didn’t warm up a few degrees, cause some discomfort, and go back to normal. It became more volatile, and it stayed that way. The ecological tailspin unleashed droughts, superstorms, floods, and fires. It brought economic dislocation, famines, pandemics, and mass migrations. It triggered upheaval, and humanity—rich and poor, urban and rural, religious and secular—is under strain.

The characters traveling across the North American Commonwealth are searching for the things all people want: prosperity, love, and meaning. But in this future world, they couldn’t be prepared for what lies ahead.

Advisory: Mature Audiences
This novel is intended for mature audiences and contains content that is unsuitable for children, including:
V – Violence
S – Sexual content
L – Coarse or crude language
D – Sexual or suggestive dialogue